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I'm trying to figure out the message from a PgP public key, ie so I know with what I private key can decrypt the message.


Version: BCPG C# v1.7.4114.6375



But I found the solutions were for the Java version. See: http://heli0s.darktech.org/?p=433 The C# version don't have "PGPPublicKeyRingCollection". Maybe someone has a tip for me? Or is the only way to work with try and catch?


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I am sure this is, in principle, possible, since for example, MailVelope (www.mailvelope.com) - when it can't find the right public key for a message - issues an error message, providing the public-key-ID with which the message was encrypted.

The question is, is there somewhere an application that we can use to do it.

This need comes up quite often.

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