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As part of a bootstrapper system that I am using, I am creating an MSI using WiX that is called in the following manner:

msiexec /i product.msi WEBSITENAME="Default Web Site" PORT="80"

The WEBSITENAME and PORT parameters indicate the name of the website and port that was created as an earlier part of the bootstrapper system I am using. Within my *.wxs file I would like to be able to use these passed in parameters in order to get a "reference" to the website so that I can create additional web applications, virtual directories, etc under this same website.

I have been able to do this by "hard-coding" the existing Web Site Name and port, i.e.

<!-- Reference existing Default Web Site at port 80 -->
<iis:WebSite Id="DefaultWebSite" Description="Default Web Site">
    <iis:WebAddress Id="MySiteWebAddress" Port="80"/>

<!-- Reference existng Default Application Pool -->
<iis:WebAppPool Id="DefaultApplicationPool" Name="DefaultAppPool">

and then using these hardcoded values to create the Virtual Directory in the below

<iis:WebVirtualDir Id="MyVirtualDir" Alias="Images" Directory="ImagesDirectory" WebSite="DefaultWebSite">
    <iis:WebApplication Id="MyWebSiteApplication" Name="ImagesWebSite" WebAppPool="DefaultApplicationPool"/>

What I would like to do now is replace the hard coded "Default Web Site" with the value passed in to the command line.

Is this possible? If so how? I have done some reading about using Properties, but I don't see how I would replace the hard coded string with the property. Any help would be much appreciated.


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You have to enclose the name of the property in square brackets to force WiX to resolve it as a property. For example:

<iis:WebAppPool Id="WebAppPool" Name="[WEB_APP_POOL_NAME]" Identity="other" User="WebAppPoolUser" ManagedRuntimeVersion="v4.0" ManagedPipelineMode="Integrated"/>

<iis:WebSite Id="DefaultWebSite" Description="[WEBSITE_NAME]" Directory="INSTALLLOCATION" AutoStart="yes" StartOnInstall="yes">
  <iis:WebAddress Id="AllUnassigned" Port="[WEBSITE_PORT]" Header="[WEBSITE_HEADER]"/>
  <iis:WebApplication Id="Application" Name="App" WebAppPool="WebAppPool" />

The 'Directory' attribute does not need brackets because it's already going to be resolved automatically, as explained in the documentation.

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Thanks for the information, this is exactly what I needed! :) –  Gary Ewan Park Oct 24 '13 at 15:10

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