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Is there a way to change for all jobs (CronTrigger) the MisfireInstruction value ?
I tried setting:


in org/quartz/

but it does not seem to have effects.

version of quartz used is 1.8.5
with camel 2.10.3

Note that I don't create the quartz trigger myself, it's done via a camel route

from("quartz://" + getJobId() + "?cron=" + cronExpression + "&stateful=true")

so I don't have immediate access to the quartz crontrigger and that's why I would like to change the misfire policy globally.

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quartz JAR has embedded file, so not sure which .properties file gets picked up.

On org.apache.camel.component.quartz.QuartzComponent you can configure a custom properties file to be used.

QuartzComponent quartz = new QuartzComponent();

And then add the component to Camel

camelContext.addComponent("quartz", quartz);
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I'm sure my is the one that's taken as it is saved under WEV-INF/classes/org/quartz . I'm more looking for an answer concerning the fact that its possible or not to a general override of the misfire policy with quartz. If not possible what I can do instead of stopping / starting my cron routes is removing and adding them back dynamically. –  Frederic Close Oct 11 '13 at 18:29

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