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I'm trying to do this -

<td rowspan='3' class='image' id='img' style="<?php get_img(''); ?>"></td>

the fn. get_img() -

function get_img($str){
    global $img,$id;
    $img="'imgs/" . $id . "/" . $id . $str . ".jpg'";
    echo "background-image:url($img)";

The problem is i'm using xhtml 1.0 transitional and it says this during validation:

Value of attribute "style" associated with an element type "td" must not contain the '&lt;' character.

Is there any alternative?

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So what does the actual HTML code that the client receives look like? –  CBroe Oct 11 '13 at 14:43

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Are you putting the source code into the validator like so?

<td rowspan='3' class='image' id='img' style="<?php get_img(''); ?>"></td>

If so of course the won't like it - it thinks you have an html tag inside the style attribute. You should be entering the output after being processed by the server into the validator, something that will look like this:

<td rowspan='3' class='image' id='img' style="background-image:url('imgs/xxx/xxx.jpg')"></td>

Also, please remember that the validator isn't the be all and end all of HTML - most websites don't validate in the validator (stackoverflow itself being one example).

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yes i was using source code to validate i just wanted to see that whether my php page follows xhtml rules or not –  Vaibhav Vt Oct 11 '13 at 14:50

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