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I am using mootools in one of my webpages. In this page the tool tip is working fine. I am using mootools.svn.js in this webpage. mootools-1.1-1.2-compat-core.js,mootools-1.2-core-yc.js,mootools-1.1-1.2-compat-more.js in this page.

Could any one tell the difference between using the svn and core and more file of mootools.

Thanks Prady

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Where did you get the mootools-1.1-1.2-compat-core.js file? It doesn't look like a proper MooTools build—which is most likely why it's not working. (I haven't mentioned mootools-1.2-core-yc.js because it doesn't seem to exist.)

mootools.svn.js, although it's working, is a pretty old build of MooTools (v1.11). I'd recommend that you download the latest MooTools core (v1.2.4) from the MooTools download page and download the Tips class from the MooTools More Builder. (They've split MooTools into two parts: "Core" and "More".) Then simply link to these two files in your HTML page (or combine them into one file and just link to it).

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There's also a migration page on GitHub to help move from 1.11 to 1.2.x. It has most topics covered. Most things can be solved by renaming. – Htbaa Dec 23 '09 at 7:54

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