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Following code snippet:

import yaml
import collections

def hasher():
  return collections.defaultdict(hasher)

data = hasher()

data['this']['is']['me'] = 'test'

print yaml.dump(data)

This returns:

args: [&id001 !!python/name:__main__.hasher '']
  this: !!python/object/apply:collections.defaultdict
    args: [*id001]
      is: !!python/object/apply:collections.defaultdict
        args: [*id001]
        dictitems: {me: test}

How would I remove:


End goal is:

      me: "test"

Any help appreciated!

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You need to register a representer with the yaml module:

from yaml.representer import Representer
yaml.add_representer(collections.defaultdict, Representer.represent_dict)

Now yaml.dump() will treat defaultdict objects as though they were dict objects:

>>> print yaml.dump(data)
  is: {me: test}

>>> print yaml.dump(data, default_flow_style=False)
    me: test
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Thank you, this worked beautifully. –  user2152283 Oct 11 '13 at 17:13
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