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I have to reask this question as I have more info than before.

I have a UIToolbar at the bottom of a view, it has the following:

UIBarButtonItem (custom) [flexible space] UISegmentedControl [flexible space] UIBarButtonItem (Add)

On the lower right is the + for ADD as described above. Due to the use of the flexible space type UIBarButtonItem to get the UISegmented control centered, this affecs the tapability of the + button. Users are finding it very hard to tap in iOS 7.

If you just have a button left and right then iOS 7 does extend the tapable area quite nicely, you can tap a good distance away from the button. But with the flexible spacers this is not the case and it's frustrating my users.

How do you suggest I fix this to make the + button more tapable?

Thank you.

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You can add FixedSpace after + button, that would make you more clickable. – Ganesh Oct 11 '13 at 16:54
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You could try using a UINavigationBar instead of the UIToolbar. The segmented control would be in the titleView of the navigation bar's top navigation item.

Screenshot showing a UINavigationBar with left and right bar button items and a segmented control as the title view

With this setup, the + button is tappable as far left as about halfway to the segmented control.

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