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I'm writing a string to my memcached using rails (Dalli), and then using node.js (node-memcached) to read the value, and Rails is writing to memcache with these extra prepended stuff. I also checked memcache using command line.

Writing with rails:

Rails.cache.write("test", 'helloworld' )

Reading from node.js:

// output
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What's happening is that Dalli is calling Marshal.dump('helloworld') before writing the value to the cache. To avoid this you'll need to interact with Dalli directly instead of going through Rails.cache then you can pass the :raw => true option to make Dalli store the exact value that you pass to it.

Something like this should do it:

dcache =
dcache.set("test", 'helloworld', 0, :raw => true)

The third argument (0) is the ttl (time to live) value. 0 means that the value never expires. To expire values from the cache you can set a non-zero value which is the time measured in seconds. So to expire the value after 5 minutes you could pass 300.

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