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I have a div slideshow. I have several divs with a class named rotate in each one of them and there are more divs within that div. My task is to check if one of the divs which have a postfix as _note3 contain a 0 to exclude that slide from the slideshow. The zero would be coming from a SQL server. I am able to exclude it from the slideshow but I have been unable to put it back in when the zero is removed. I am wondering if someone has any idea what I am doing wrong and help me find a solution.

My code looks like this:

 $(document).ready(function() {

    var note3 = [];
    var divsCount = 0;
    var ids = [];
    var count = 0;
    var divs = [];
    var removed = [];

    for(var x = 0; x < $(".rotate").length; x++) {
    // I find all the _note3 divs
    function notes3(index) {
        note3.push($('div[id*="_note3"]:eq(' + index + ')').attr("id"));

    for (var t = 0; t < $(".rotate").length; t++) {

    // I find put all the rotate divs in an array
    function getRotate(index) {
        divs.push($('div[class*="rotate"]:eq(' + index + ')').attr("class"));

    // This is where my rotation happens
    function setsRotation() {

        if (count < $(".rotate").length - 1) {
        else {
            count = 0;

// If it contains a zero I remove it
    if($("#" + note3[count] + "").text() === $.trim("0")) {
// I put the div index in an array
        $('div[class*="rotate"]:eq(' + count + ')').remove();
        // If it does not contain a zero
    } else {

    // If the index is in the removed array I take it out and append the div
        if($.inArray(count, removed) > - 1) {

            removed.splice($.inArray(count, removed), 1);


        $('div[class*="rotate"]:eq(' + count + ')').show();

    setInterval(setsRotation, 1000);

Thanks in advanced!


<div id="slideshow">
<div class="rotate" id="jrkC">
        <div id="JerkChknLg_desc" class="descript"></div><div id="JerChknLg_note3"></div>
    <table class="pepper">

        <td class="size">Regular ds</td>
        <td class="size">Large</td>
        <td class="value"><div id="JerkChknSm_price"></div></td>
        <td class="value"><div id="JerkChknLg_price"></div></td>
<div class="frontPic"><img src="media/img/JerkChkn.jpg"/></div>

<div class="rotate" id="soups" >
<div  id="">
        <div id="SoupLrg_desc" class="descript"></div><div id="SoupLrg_note3"></div>
    <table class="pepper">

        <td class="size">Regular</td>
        <td class="size">Large</td>
        <td class="value"><div id="SoupSm_price"></div></td>
        <td class="value"><div id="SoupLrg_price"></div></td>
<div class="frontPic"><img src="media/img/Soup.jpg"/></div>
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Can you post the html also? a jsfiddle would be good for us to understand your problem better –  Sergio Oct 11 '13 at 17:56
Hi Sergio. Probably jsfiddle would not work the same since the data including the zero is extracted from a database using a VB script. I have found that using static data gives different results in this case. –  Leones Oct 11 '13 at 18:06
Great, now its more clear. I don't see any div with _note3 on name, id or other attr. Can you explain more were it should appear? –  Sergio Oct 11 '13 at 18:12
You should use $('div[id$="_note3"]') to select the div with ID ending with _note3, but where is the 0? in the html inside the div or a attr? data- field would be the best here –  Sergio Oct 11 '13 at 18:27
It would look like this once it is pulled out: <div id="SoupLrg_note3">0</div> –  Leones Oct 11 '13 at 18:32

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