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I have a dataset of date(monthly), person and return(monthly). I need to calculate the compounded monthly return of the dataset from April Year t to March Year t+1 for each person. For example,

Annual return Person A= April Year 1* May Year 1*......*March Year 2.

Can I know how can I do that in SAS? Do I need an array?

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Do you mean your dataset looks like

Date , Person , Return

"01Apr2009"d , A , 1.1




/* Then you can do */

data ur_input_data_view / view = ur_input_data_view;

  /* assuming your dataset is stored in ur_input_data */

  set ur_input_data;

  /* obtain the year and month from the date variable */

  year = year(date);

  mth = year(date);


/* you can skip the sort if your data is already sorted by person then date */

proc sort data = ur_input_data;

  by person date;


data output_data;

  set ur_input_data_view ;

  by person date;

  /* reset annual return to null if looking at a new person or month is april */

  if first.person or mth = 4 then do;

    annual_return = return;


  retain annual_return;

  annual_return = annual_return * return;

  /* this will output nothing for the persons that don't have a record at march */

  if mth = 3 then output;

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