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I use gar's answer from this StackOverflow post to check internet connection availability. But, I'm not sure if it works correctly. If I turn off WiFi and mobile data connection and run the application, NetworkInfo.isConnected() returns true when there's no connection to the internet available.

What's wrong? If I turn airplane mode on, it correctly says no connection.

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Check this answer. – EmmanuelMess Mar 16 at 19:01
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There is sadly no way to determine if you have a internet connection with the current Android API. You can only determine if an adapter (WiFi, 3G, LTE, etc) is connected to a router.

That said, you can implement something that pings a known domain ( To determine in your connection is valid, but that will take time (a second or more on a bad connection).

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Thanks for your answer. That's very unfortunate. – MikkoP Oct 11 '13 at 19:45
Google, seriously!!!! – Hamid May 28 '14 at 16:53

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