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I ran snort as follows

sudo /usr/sbin/snort -m 027 -b -l ./snortLog -u OtagoHarbour -c /etc/snort/snort.conf -S HOME_NET=[] -i eth0

./snortLog received the files alert and snort.log.1381507400. I want to examine the log file with WireShark. I started up WireShark, chose Import and entered the name of the log file in the Input Filename field. Then I clicked OK. I got a message about saving the previous captured packets. I selected "Continue without saving" and it proceeded with no error messages. However the packet listing window is completely empty.

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What version of Wireshark are you using ?

In any case, if you just "started up Wireshark" and opened a file you should not have gotten any message about "saving previous captured packets".

To read an existing pcap(tcpdump) binary file (which is what I think you have since you specified -b to snort).

  1. Start Wireshark
  2. Do File ! Open Do not use File ! Import.
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