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I am using fedora 19 and when I am typing the command:

rpm -qa kernel |sort |tail -n 1

it is giving the result:


but when I am typing:

uname -r

it's giving:


So can you plz tell me the différence between these? And why I am getting different results?

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You can use -V on your sort to indicate that you want "version" sorting:

% rpm -qa kernel | sort 

% rpm -qa kernel | sort -V

If you still get a difference, it probably means you have a new kernel installed but you haven't rebooted yet.

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sort works on strings by default, so 11 is less than 9. You can't sort version numbers like that with a simple string sort, unless they're formatted better, e.g. 3.09 v.s. 3.11

'3.9'  < '3.11' -> FALSE
'3.09' < '3.11' -> TRUE

 3.9  < 3.11 -> TRUE
 3.09 < 3.11 -> TRUE
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