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I wonder what's wrong. In emulated chrome touch, it worked perfectly. In mobile compiled to JavaScript chrome browser, does not work perfectly. *Tested on Android 4.1 - Chrome 30 - dual core Dart Editor version 0.8.1_r28355 Dart SDK version*

import 'dart:html';

DivElement divContainer;

void main() {
  divContainer = new DivElement() = '#6a00d7' = '600px' = '600px';


  window.onTouchMove.listen((event) => mov(event));

  divContainer.innerHtml = evento.touches[0].client.x.toString();
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And what exactly is the problem? "Doesn't work perfectly" isn't a very useful description... – MarioP Oct 14 '13 at 9:07

Add inside the method call:


Prevents shortcuts "touch" interfere (chrome mobile). Method code:

  divContainer.innerHtml = evento.touches[0].client.x.toString();
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