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I want to display localPlayer friends leaderboard in my app. I know I can get friends only scores from gamecenter but how do I get their display names? I know I can use loadPlayersForIdentifiers but do I have to make two calls? One to get all their friends names and one to get the leaderboards and them match them up? This seems somewhat inefficient?

GKLeaderboard *leaderboardRequest = [[GKLeaderboard alloc] init];
if (leaderboardRequest != nil)
    leaderboardRequest.playerScope = GKLeaderboardPlayerScopeFriendsOnly;
    leaderboardRequest.timeScope = GKLeaderboardTimeScopeAllTime;
    leaderboardRequest.category = @"HighScore";
    leaderboardRequest.range = NSMakeRange(1,100);
    [leaderboardRequest loadScoresWithCompletionHandler: ^(NSArray *scores, NSError *error) {
        if (error != nil)
            // Handle the error.
        if (scores != nil)
            GKScore* myScore = leaderboardRequest.localPlayerScore;

            NSLog(@"Me: %@: %d",myScore.playerID, (int)myScore.value);

            // Process the score information - here I would filter
            for (GKScore* score in scores) 
                NSLog(@"%@: %d",score.playerID, (int)score.value);
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I got partially thee check the code here: stackoverflow.com/questions/19323613/… –  ge0rges Oct 13 '13 at 5:55

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According to (under listing 4-12):


You have to use GKScore playerID property to get players' aliases after loading a scope of scores from a leaderboard. This is the only way to properly display a custom leaderboard. You can lazy load the aliases to a UITableView.

How to do it is described in listing 3-5 of the following doc:


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