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Based on the input from @David, I have edited my post to include more code (the Main procedure and two functions). The problem remains the same:

I want to check if an array of values contains any alpha characters (which would be invalid), and so I pass the values to a function CheckForAlphaInArray from another function called GetYValues. If CheckForAlphaInArray finds an alpha character, I want to alert the user to the invalid character, abort and finally terminate the application so that he can correct the error. The following code does all of it except that it does not close the application. Instead, it moves to the next line in the code. Why is it not closing? I tried using Close and frmMain.Close as well. Did not work.


procedure TfrmMain.actRunExecute(Sender: TObject);
//Run the program using the user-input options in the Analysis Options form
  I, K, NumValues, PercentResponse, ConfPercent, PredPercent: integer;
  Header, EstimatedValues, CIHeader_L, CIHeader_U,
  PIHeader_L, PIHeader_U: string;
  C: char;
  EC, HS, SumSqDevX, SumSqDevY, SumCrossProds,
        SumSqDev_YX, MnSumSqDev_YX,
        InputConsMaxValue: double;
  InputFile: TStringList;
  X_Array, Y_Array, YHat_Array, SqDevX_Array, SqDevY_Array,
        CrossProds_Array, SD_YX_Array, CILL_Array,
        CIUL_Array, SENewY_Array, PILL_Array, PIUL_Array: TVal_Array;
  MyFile: TextFile;
  const Letters = ['A'..'Z', 'a'..'z', ',', ' '];
  const Numeric = ['0'..'9', ',', ' '];

  ProgressLabel.Caption := '';

  if not (FormSaved = 'Form Saved') then //if user has saved options form
    MessageDlgPos('Please enter and save analysis options first.',
        mtError, [mbOK], 0, 300, 300)
       Gauge1.Progress := 0;
       InputFile := TStringList.Create;
       OutputFile := TStringList.Create;;
    {if data contains a header row, K = 1, else K = 0  }
     //initialize K to an absurd number
     K := 9999;
     Header := InputFile[0];
     for I := 1 to Length(Header) do
         C := Header[I];
         if CharInSet(C, Letters) then K := 1
         else if CharInSet(C, Numeric) then K := 0;

     //call error if K has not changed to either 0 or 1
     if (K = 9999) then
       MessageDlgPos('There is an illegal character in the first' +
               'row of your data.  Please fix it.', mtError,
               [mbOK], 0, 300, 300);

     //initialize X and Y arrays
     SetLength(X_Array, InputFile.Count - K);
     SetLength(Y_Array, InputFile.Count - K);

      //Get X and Y values
     X_Array := GetXValues(K, InputFile);
     Gauge1.Progress := 10;
     Y_Array := GetYValues(K, InputFile);
     if (AlphaCharFlag = False) then//from GetYValues function
         Dialogs.MessageDlg('Exiting the application.', mtInformation,
            [mbOk], 0, mbOk);
     NumValues := Length(X_Array);
     Gauge1.Progress := 20;

     //obtain min and max values for constraints in equation
     InputConsMinValue := -1;
     InputConsMaxValue := -1;
     if (ConstraintsYesNo = 'No') then//from analysis options unit
         InputConsMinValue := InputConstraintMinValue; //from other unit
         InputConsMaxValue := InputConstraintMaxValue; //from other unit
     else if (ConstraintsYesNo = 'Yes') then
         InputConsMinValue := MinValue(Y_Array);
         InputConsMaxValue := MaxValue(Y_Array);

     //obtain iteration range for EC
     EC_Low := -1;
     EC_High := -1;
     if (ECRangeFromData = 'No') then//from analysis options unit
         EC_Low := IterationRangeMinValue; //from other unit
         EC_High := IterationRangeMaxValue; //from other unit
     else if (ECRangeFromData = 'Yes') then
         EC_Low := MinValue(X_Array);
         EC_High := MaxValue(X_Array);

     {Obtain the estimated values of EC and HS as a
      single comma-delimited string }
     EstimatedValues := Estimate(NumValues, InputConsMinValue,
                     InputConsMaxValue, EC_Low, EC_High,
                     X_Array, Y_Array);
     Gauge1.Progress := 50;

     {get the two parameters from the comma delimited string
      result of the Estimate function }
     EC := GetFirstValue(EstimatedValues);
     HS := GetSecondValue(EstimatedValues);
     Gauge1.Progress := 90;

     //Obtain y-hat values
     SetLength(YHat_Array, NumValues);
     YHat_Array := Regress(NumValues, K, X_Array, EC, HS);

     //compute array of SumSq dev from mean for X and Y
     SetLength(SqDevX_Array, NumValues);
     SqDevX_Array := GetSqDevVals(NumValues, X_Array);
     SumSqDevX := Sum(SqDevX_Array);
     SetLength(SqDevY_Array, NumValues);
     SqDevY_Array := GetSqDevVals(NumValues, Y_Array);
     SumSqDevY := Sum(SqDevY_Array);

     //Compute array of sum of products
     SetLength(CrossProds_Array, NumValues);
     CrossProds_Array := GetCrossProds(NumValues, X_Array, Y_Array);
     SumCrossProds := Sum(CrossProds_Array);

     //Compute SumSqDev_YX or Sum(d2_YX) in S&C
     SumSqDev_YX := SumSqDevY - Power(SumCrossProds, 2)/SumSqDevX;

     //Compute Mean SumSqDev_YX (s2_YX in S&C)
     MnSumSqDev_YX := SumSqDev_YX/(NumValues - 2);

     //Compute ResMnSq of predicted population regr line
     SetLength(SD_YX_Array, NumValues);
     SD_YX_Array := GetSD_YX(NumValues, MnSumSqDev_YX,
                  SumSqDevX, SqDevX_Array);

     //Get Confidence Limits
     SetLength(CILL_Array, NumValues);
     CILL_Array := GetConfLL(NumValues, CIPercent, 
                 YHat_Array, SD_YX_Array);
     SetLength(CIUL_Array, NumValues);
     CIUL_Array := GetConfUL(NumValues, CIPercent, 
                 YHat_Array, SD_YX_Array);

     //Compute SE of new Y value
     SetLength(SENewY_Array, NumValues);
     SENewY_Array := GetSENewY(NumValues, MnSumSqDev_YX,
                    SumSqDevX, SqDevX_Array);

     //Get Prediction Limits
     SetLength(PILL_Array, NumValues);
     PILL_Array := GetPredLL(NumValues, PIPercent, 
                 YHat_Array, SENewY_Array);
     SetLength(PIUL_Array, NumValues);
     PIUL_Array := GetPredUL(NumValues, PIPercent, 
                 YHat_Array, SENewY_Array);
     Gauge1.Progress := 100;

     //write output file
     OutputFile.Add('EC = ' + FloatToStr(EC));
     OutputFile.Add('HS = ' + FloatToStr(HS));
     //change headers for CI and PI depending on percent chosen by user
     CIHeader_L := '';
     CIHeader_U := '';
     PIheader_L := '';
     PIheader_U := '';
     if (CIPercent = 90) then
         CIHeader_L := '90% CI_LL';
         CIHeader_U := '90% CI_UL'
     else if (CIPercent = 95) then
         CIHeader_L := '95% CI_LL';
         CIHeader_U := '95% CI_UL'
     else if (CIPercent = 99) then
         CIHeader_L := '99% CI_LL';
         CIHeader_U := '99% CI_UL'

     if (PIPercent = 90) then
         PIHeader_L := '90% PI_LL';
         PIHeader_U := '90% PI_UL'
     else if (PIPercent = 95) then
         PIHeader_L := '95% PI_LL';
         PIHeader_U := '95% PI_UL'
     else if (PIPercent = 99) then
         PIHeader_L := '99% PI_LL';
         PIHeader_U := '99% PI_UL'

     OutputFile.Add('X ' + ', ' + 'Y ' + ', ' + 'Y-Hat ' + ', ' +
            CIHeader_L + ', ' + CIHeader_U + ', ' +
            PIHeader_L + ', ' + PIHeader_U);
     for I := 0 to NumValues - 1 do
       OutputFile.Add(FloatToStr(X_Array[I]) + ', ' +
               FloatToStr(Y_Array[I]) + ', ' +
               FloatToStr(YHat_Array[I]) + ', ' +
               FloatToStr(CILL_Array[I])  + ', ' +
               FloatToStr(CIUL_Array[I]) + ', ' +
               FloatToStr(PILL_Array[I]) + ', ' +

     //display results in Memo field
     for I := 0 to OutputFile.Count - 1 do
     mmuFileSave.Enabled := True;
    MessageDlgPos('Done!', mtInformation, [mbOK], 0, 300, 300);

//Get Y values in the form of an array
function TfrmMain.GetYValues(K: integer;
  InputFile: TStringList): TVal_Array;
  I,J, Posit: integer;
  RowData, Y_Str: string;
  Y_Array: TVal_Array;
  ValidData: Boolean;
  const Letters = ['A'..'Z', 'a'..'z'];
  AlphaCharFlag := True;
    SetLength(Y_Array, InputFile.Count - K);
      //value of K depends on presence/abssence of headers in input file
      for I := K to InputFile.Count-1 do
    RowData := Trim(InputFile[I]);
    Posit := Pos(',', RowData) - 1;//excluding the comma
    Y_Str := '';
    for J := (Posit+2) to Length(RowData) do Y_Str := Y_Str + RowData[J];
    Y_Str := Trim(Y_Str);
    //check if there are any non-numerical data (letters) in the values
    if not (CheckForAlphaInArray(I, Y_Str)) then
         AlphaCharFlag := False;
//        CheckForAlphaInArray(I, Y_Str);
    if (K = 0) then //that is, no header

        if not TryStrToFloat(Y_Str, Y_Array[I]) then Exit;

    else if (K = 1) then
        if not TryStrToFloat(Y_Str, Y_Array[I-1]) then Exit;
      Result := Y_Array;
    on E: Exception do
       MessageDlgPos('An unexpected error occurred while ' +
              'extracting the Y values from the file. ' +
         E.message, mtError, [mbOK], 0, 300, 300);
    Y_Array := nil;

function TfrmHillSlopeRegr.CheckForAlphaInArray(I: integer; S: string): boolean;
  J: integer;
  Chr: char;
  const Numeric = ['0'..'9', '.'];
  for J := 1 to Length(S) do
    Chr := S[J];
   //if Chr in Numeric then continue else
    if CharInSet(Chr, Numeric) then continue else
      MessageDlg('Error!  Your file has non-numerical data in row #' +
        IntToStr(I) + '!', mtError, [mbAbort], 0, mbAbort);
      Result := False;
   Result := True;

Interestingly, it works fine in the case of a stand-alone application with the following code (that I got from Delphi documentation):

procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
  if Dialogs.MessageDlg('Welcome to my Delphi application.  Exit now?',
    mtConfirmation, [mbYes, mbNo], 0, mbYes) = mrYes then
    Dialogs.MessageDlg('Exiting the Delphi application.', mtInformation,
      [mbOk], 0, mbOk);
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Call 'Exit' after you call Application.Terminate. –  Sertac Akyuz Oct 11 '13 at 23:25
Tried that. It exited the function and then went to the next line in the main procedure that called 'GetYCValues`. –  user1505202 Oct 11 '13 at 23:32
Well, what did you expect? Exit from there too. –  Sertac Akyuz Oct 11 '13 at 23:47
Exiting from that procedure will not close the application, though. –  user1505202 Oct 11 '13 at 23:59
You would have had an instant answer if you had made an SSCCE. The problem is trivial to solve for us, if we can see all of the code. The fact that you still don't have a solution is entirely on you. Produce an SSCCE. –  David Heffernan Oct 12 '13 at 8:09

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`Application.Terminate' simply signals the application to start terminating. It doesn't immediately stop the application.

If you want to stop processing the code in your method, just exit; after calling Application.Terminate; (I've cleaned up the code slightly to remove the unnecessary ValidData variable):

if not (CheckForAlphaInArray(I, Y_Str)) then
  MessageDlg('Exiting the application.', mtInformation,
         [mbOk], 0, mbOk);
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I just tried this. It exits the function and simply moves to the next line in the procedure that called the function. I wonder what I am doing wrong. –  user1505202 Oct 11 '13 at 23:39
I can't answer that, because I can't see what "the procedure that called the function" is doing. :-) The only way to exit immediately is to call System.Halt, which will forcibly end the application (like killing it via Task Manager); this is a bad idea, because it won't allow any cleanup (closing file handles, freeing resources, saving user data, etc.). That's rarely the proper solution; the proper fix is to change your logic to just tell the user they need to exit your app, fix the data, and start over instead of trying to force it upon them. Your app should just not process the data. –  Ken White Oct 11 '13 at 23:43
I agree. BTW, my last comment was rather rhetorical. However, the only two pieces of code relevant to this problem are given. The procedure (Main) that called GetYValues does not enter the picture in the error handling. It feeds GetYValues an array, which in turn passes one value at a time to CheckForAlphaInArray. Upon finding an alpha character, it alerts the user and returns False. If False, GetYValues then alerts the user that it is going to close the application, and upon pressing the OK button, it should close. Instead it is exiting GetYValues and returning to Main. –  user1505202 Oct 11 '13 at 23:57
So change whatever code is returning to Main to a function that returns a Boolean (or just set a Boolean flag) to indicate whether Main can continue, and exit Main if that flag is false when the function or procedure returns. Force-closing the application is really user-unfriendly; it's much better, IMO, to show that there's an error and simply not allow continuing until it's fixed. The user could then Alt-Tab to whatever they need to fix the data (or use the menu item in your app that allows it), fix it, and then Alt-Tab back to your app to try again, which is much nicer to me. :-) –  Ken White Oct 12 '13 at 0:02
Try Abort instead of Exit. It escapes the whole execution path, like a silent exception. –  Marcus Adams Oct 12 '13 at 14:39


Application.ShowMainForm := false;

right above the terminate command

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Just tried it. Did not work. Went to the next line in the code –  user1505202 Oct 11 '13 at 23:32
This has nothing to do with the question asked (not downvoting, but you should read the question again). This wouldn't stop further code from executing; it would just hide the main form while doing so, which is not the same thing at all. –  Ken White Oct 11 '13 at 23:44
I did read the question, this is how I did it in the past with Delphi. You needed to shut the main form in order to allow the EVENT to get processed.... –  Sparky Oct 12 '13 at 0:09
It doesn't even hide the main form. It just determines whether or not the main form shows when Application.Run is called. –  David Heffernan Oct 12 '13 at 16:29
Turned out to be a simple fix - use Abort instead of Exit. Thanks to @MarcusAdams –  user1505202 Oct 12 '13 at 21:15

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