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HI I have following data items in mongo db

{ "id" : 950, "name" : "Name 1" }, { "id" : 951, "name" : "name 2" }

I have tried mapping id as both Integer and String.

and I used morphia + play to connect mongodb and used DAO of morphia. I need to do a search by id like (in sql where id like '95%' ) and get the result as list.

List pList = ds.createQuery(Person.class).field("id").startsWith("95").asList(); // this is not working Any ideas how get this done ??

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Having already answered on the play mailing list and the morphia list, i'll answer here so others will see it, too. startsWith() is a text based operation. It doesn't work against numbers. you'll have to use a greaterThan/lessThan query for range checking.

share|improve this answer it. I've used > , < to get the correct output –  manoj prasanna Nov 9 '13 at 13:50

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