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Hey guys I have to create a function that creates a new picture that is vertically the mirror image of the original picture.

So, the top left corner of the original picture will become the top right corner of the new picture, and the bottom left corner of the original will become the bottom right corner of the new picture. I'm new into coding so I'm sorry for the brutally long thing... I created a function with a parameter "pic", which is a picture, duplicated it and created "new", and created an empty picture called "canvas" with the same dimensions as "pic". I first did two half-mirror images using my functions "pic" and "new" and I then tried copying/concatenating the respective halves into my empty canvas (collage sort of function).

I get it to the point where the canvas has the first half I need on it but when I try to add the second one the program crashes and gives me >the error..."getPixel(picture,x,y): x (= 466) is less than 0 or bigger than the width (= 465)

The error was:

Inappropriate argument value (of correct type). An error occurred attempting 
to pass an argument to a function.

I have tried for over 45 minutes playing around with +1, -1, -2, etc, etc, everywhere but can't get >it to work. My code looks like this:

def mirrorMe(pic):
    mirrorPoint = getWidth(pic)/2
    width = getWidth(pic)
    new = duplicatePicture(pic)
    canvas = makeEmptyPicture(getWidth(pic), getHeight(pic))
    widthb = getWidth(new)
    mirrorPointb = getWidth(new)/2
    for y in range(0,getHeight(pic)):
        for x in range(0,mirrorPoint):
              leftPixel = getPixel(pic,x,y)
              rightPixel = getPixel(pic,width - x - 1,y)
              color = getColor(leftPixel)
              newwpic = getWidth(pic)
              newhpic = getHeight(pic)
    for y in range(0,getHeight(new)):
        for x in range(0,mirrorPointb):
            leftPixel = getPixel(new,x,y)
            rightPixel = getPixel(new,widthb - x - 1,y)
            color = getColor(rightPixel)
            newwnew = getWidth(new)
            newhnew = getHeight(new)
    for x in range(0, newwnew/2):
        for y in range(0,newhnew):
            setColor(getPixel(canvas, x, y), getColor(getPixel(new, x, y)))
#print (newwpic/2)-(newwpic)
    for xx in range((newwpic/2), newwpic):
        for y in range(0,newhpic):
            pixel = getPixel(pic, xx, y)
            color = getColor(pixel)
            targetPixelz = getPixel(canvas, xx+(newwpic/2)-1, y)
            setColor(targetPixelz, color)
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The error you are coming across is for index error: getPixel(picture,x,y): x (= 466) is less than 0 or bigger than the width (= 465) i.e. The max x you can provide in getPixel for picture is 465

I would suggest solving the flipping of picture using reversed range on x for each y on new pic. Like following:

# Assuming you have orig_pic and new_pic(empty)
width = getWidth( new_pic )-1
for y in range(0,getHeight( orig_pic )):
    for x in range(getWidth( orig_pic ):
        leftPixel = getPixel( orig_pic, x, y )
        rightPixel = getPixel( orig_pic, width-x, y)
        leftColor = getColor( leftPixel )
        rightColor = getColor( rightPixel)
        setColor( getPixel( new_pic, width-x, y), leftColor )
        setColor( getPixel( new_pic, x, y), rightColor)

This one loop should be able to copy the original image to new image canvas in vertically flipped fashion. new_pic now has the image you want.

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