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I have searched and searched how to do this but everything leads back to Appbars (dockable forms) which is not what i need.

I want a toolbar that goes into the taskbar, like WMP, itunes, language toolbar.

Preferably in vbnet, but if its in C# then thats fine.

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FYI, these have been removed from Windows 7. –  Daniel A. White Dec 19 '09 at 14:44
so there is no way to make an itunes/wmp type toolbar because I have both of those on my win 7. That's quite annoying but I think I can get around it. –  Jonathan. Dec 19 '09 at 15:36

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I found this on the codeproject. It is in C#, but you could always make it Vb.

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You should not be writing shell extensions in a managed language at all, even if some online examples show how to do it. Mainly because only one CLR can be loaded per process. So once your extension is loaded into explorer.exe, anybody else's extension specifying a different .net version won't load. And vice versa, of course, if your extension is not the first one to load.

See Raymond Chen's blog for more info.

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