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I am trying to understand what the end product of this Makefile which uses eval. Is there a way to view the effective end product of what the Makefile looks like as if eval weren't used?

VALID_TOOLCHAINS := newlib glibc pnacl

NACL_SDK_ROOT ?= $(abspath $(CURDIR)/../../..)
include $(NACL_SDK_ROOT)/tools/common.mk

TARGET = nacl_io
DEPS = nacl_io
LIBS = $(DEPS) ppapi pthread

CFLAGS = -Wall
SOURCES = handlers.c \
  nacl_io_demo.c \

$(foreach dep,$(DEPS),$(eval $(call DEPEND_RULE,$(dep))))
$(foreach src,$(SOURCES),$(eval $(call COMPILE_RULE,$(src),$(CFLAGS))))

ifeq ($(CONFIG),Release)
$(eval $(call LINK_RULE,$(TARGET)_unstripped,$(SOURCES),$(LIBS),$(DEPS)))
$(eval $(call STRIP_RULE,$(TARGET),$(TARGET)_unstripped))
$(eval $(call LINK_RULE,$(TARGET),$(SOURCES),$(LIBS),$(DEPS)))

$(eval $(call NMF_RULE,$(TARGET),))
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Yes, I know of two ways:

  1. replace eval with info

  2. run make -p and find your rules explicitly written in the output of that

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