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I have a custom ASP.NET HttpModule. I want to finish processing of the request in BeginRequest stage when certain conditions are met - skip the rest of the processing including skipping of the ashx handler itself. One way to do it is to call Response.End(). However, I found many articles that it shouldn't be done due to many reasons, the big one is performance.

Everyone suggests to call HttpApplication.CompleteRequest() instead. However, every example I found called Response.Flush() before calling CompleteRequest. That synchronous call defeats the performance gain of not calling Response.End.

Is it necessary to call Response.Flush() before calling CompleteRequest()? Will ASP.NET send the full response back to the browser under all conditions even if Response.Flush is not called? (assuming no other exception are thrown from other http modules and the client doesn't disconnect).

I don't want to create a race condition, which would be tricky to debug if ASP.NET would not send the buffered data to the browser when CompleteRequest() is called.


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