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I'am the just start learning actionscript 3, follow is my code, when i lauch the code, it still report the error in frame 36 but did not locate the error in which line. please help me debug them.... TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference. At flashmo_217_v_shape_fla::MainTimeline/frame36()

Following is the code in frame36

fm_button.visible = false;

import caurina.transitions.*;

var menu_label_North:Array = new Array("Animals Collection", 
                                                                                 "Flowers Collection",
                                                                                 "Leaves Collection",
                                                                                 "Mixed Collection",
                                                                                 "Extra Collection",
                                                                                 "Special Awards",
                                                                                 "Company Background",
                                                                                 "Contact Information");

var total_north:Number = menu_label_North.length;
var i_north:Number = 0;
var page_north:Number;
var main_menu_North:MovieClip = new MovieClip();

for (i_north = 0; i_north < total_north; i_north++)
          var btn_north = new flashmo_button();
 = "btn" + i_north;
          btn_north.x = fm_button.x + i_north * ( fm_button.width + 12 );
          btn_north.y = fm_button.y;
          btn_north.buttonMode = true;
          btn_north.item_no = i_north;
          btn_north.flashmo_click_area.addEventListener( Event.ENTER_FRAME, btn_enter_north );

          var each_substring_north:Array = menu_label_North[i_north].split("|");
          btn_north.flashmo_button_label.fm_label.text = each_substring[0];
          btn_north.item_url = each_substring[1];

function btn_over_north(e:MouseEvent):void
 = true;

function btn_out_north(e:MouseEvent):void
 = false;

function btn_click_north(e:MouseEvent):void
          var mc=;
          if ( mc.item_url != undefined )
                    navigateToURL( new URLRequest( mc.item_url ), "_parent" );

function btn_enter_north(e:Event):void
          var mc_north =;
          if ( mc_north.over == true )

function change_page_north(no:Number):void
          for (var i:Number = 0; i < main_menu_North.numChildren; i++)
                    var mc = MovieClip( main_menu_North.getChildAt(i) );
                    mc.over = false;
                    mc.flashmo_click_area.visible = true;
                    mc.flashmo_click_area.addEventListener( MouseEvent.ROLL_OVER, btn_over_north );
                    mc.flashmo_click_area.addEventListener( MouseEvent.ROLL_OUT, btn_out_north );
                    mc.flashmo_click_area.addEventListener( MouseEvent.CLICK, btn_click_north );
          var mc_selected = MovieClip( main_menu_North.getChildAt(no) );
          mc_selected.over = true;
          mc_selected.flashmo_click_area.visible = false;
          mc_selected.flashmo_click_area.removeEventListener( MouseEvent.ROLL_OVER, btn_over_north );
          mc_selected.flashmo_click_area.removeEventListener( MouseEvent.ROLL_OUT, btn_out_north );
          mc_selected.flashmo_click_area.removeEventListener( MouseEvent.CLICK, btn_click_north );

          page_north = no + 1;

change_page_north(0);// default page on load

flashmo_credit.addEventListener( MouseEvent.CLICK, goto_fm_north );

function goto_fm_north(e:MouseEvent):void
          navigateToURL( new URLRequest( "" ), "_parent" );

music_credit.addEventListener( MouseEvent.CLICK, goto_music_north );

function goto_music_north(e:MouseEvent):void
          navigateToURL( new URLRequest(
          "" ),
          "_blank" );
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I think your error might come from var mc = MovieClip( main_menu_North.getChildAt(i) );

The child will should be a flashmo_button right? If you use MovieClip(obj) you are saying you want to convert obj to a MovieClip. If it is already a MovieClip (or a descendant of MovieClip) you should use as MovieClip.


var mc:MovieClip = main_menu_North.getChildAt(i) as MovieClip

In fact, you should cast it to a DisplayObject type since in the future you can't guarantee that it will always be a MovieClip.

The other potential area for a potential null object I can see is when using If you are trying to get the clicked button you should use e.currentTarget see here. Test if you get an valid object before calling methods on them.

if(e.currentTarget && e.currentTarget.parent) {
    // now do something
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