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I have javascript function who need add position atribute on object.

function conv(data){
var result=[];
function dfs(node, parent) {
    for(var i in node){
        if (node[i]['children']) dfs(node[i]['children'],node[i]['id']);
dfs(data, 0);
return result;


So i got result = [{"id":1,"pid":0},{"id":4,"pid":1},{"id":2,"pid":0}]

Need add position somethig like:

{"id":1,"pid":0,"position":100}, // First root
{"id":4,"pid":1,"position":100}, // First sub root
{"id":5,"pid":1,"position":101}, // Second sub root
{"id":2,"pid":0,"position":101}, // Second root
{"id":3,"pid":0,"position":102}, // Third root

Many thanks.


Position always starts from 100 so its var can be static.

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Where does the value of position comes from, is it computed from the position on the tree ? – Benoit Blanchon Oct 12 '13 at 7:45
Oh Sory..See my update! – Kārlis Millers Oct 12 '13 at 7:54
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Without further information, it seems you just need to add the position to the object you push in the array:



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