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I'm following this video to learn using restkit, but some of the RK methods used in ProjectListViewController.m doesn't seem to exists. The methods used in the viewDidLoad aren't working. It is like this:

RKObjectManager *manager = [RKObjectManager sharedManager];
RKObjectMapping *mapping = [manager.mappingProvider objectMappingForClass [Project class]];

the method mappingProvider doesn't seem to exist.

[manager loadObjectAtResourcePath:@"/projects" objectMapping: mapping delegate: self];

the above method also doesn't show in the code completion.

I'm using Xcode 5 and restkit version 0.20.0

pls help

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The version of RestKit you're using is (relatively) new (but you should start using the latest version. The video references the old version of RestKit. Use the current RestKit documentation and the test code that is part of the repository to get a handle on how to use it.

If you really want to follow the video, checkout the old version of RestKit (but best not to learn RestKit that way).

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