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Version: Oracle Database 11g Express Edition Release - Production

create type address_ty as object
(street varchar2(50),
 city varchar2(50),
 state varchar2(25),
 postalcode integer);

create or replace type person_ty as object
(FullName varchar2(50),
 BirthDate date,
 Address address_ty,
 member function CalcAge (BirthDate in DATE) return number,

create or replace type body person_ty as 
member function CalcAge (BirthDate DATE) return number is
   return round(sysdate - BirthDate);

create table customer (customerId integer,
                   Person person_ty);

describe customer;

select attr_name, length, attr_type_name from user_type_attrs where type_name = 'PERSON_TY';

select attr_name, length, attr_type_name from user_type_attrs where type_name = 'ADDRESS_TY';

insert into customer values (1, person_ty('ABC', '01-JAN-95', address_ty('MG Road', 'Bangalore', 'KA', 560001)));

select person.FullName from customer;

The above statement displays an error - ORA-00904: "PERSON"."FULLNAME": invalid identifier

How to resolve the error?


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I believe you need to qualify the column with the table, so it doesn't try to interpret person as a table name; and it needs to be an alias (not entirely sure why):

select c.person.FullName from customer c;

SQL Fiddle.

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Thanks Alex. Your solution workd. – user2873700 Oct 12 '13 at 17:03

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