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I'm learning javascript and want to create a library of example code snippets as I learn new ideas. I'm currently using evernote, but am wondering if there is a more elegant solution where I can create a reference library complete with syntax highlighting/executing the code in the browser.


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I use Evernote as the snippets etc. is primarily from various websites. The web clipper browser plugin lets me create notes right to Evernote with highlighting (as shown on the original website) preserved. Tagging and additional comments along with sharing and the availability (between job/home/mobile in my case) is a very nice addition.

For my own snippets from IDE/editor i usually do a screenshot or if i want to preserve the copy-paste-ability i just add a text/source file to Evernote.

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Sure, however, when copying the code FROM Evernote, all tabs are lost. –  Matt Feb 25 at 18:19

Tried the Evenote Plugin for Sublime3?



You can save new notes, update existing notes, using github style markdown.

Here is an example:

evernote code snippet example - created with sublime 3 evernote plugin

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I'm playing with ST2. Until using ST2 now I found it quite useful! –  Robert May 15 '14 at 5:52

I use


You need a GitHub account to login: this app connects to your Gists repository saved into Github and keeps all your code snippets. It's web based so you don't need to download anything. Everytime you save a new snippet GistboxApp will add a Gist to your Github repository.

You can label all your snippets to divide them in categories.

Hope this helps...it works fine for me

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Why was this down voted? Seems like a good answer to me. –  smileBot Apr 20 at 23:06

You can also use http://tohtml.com/ and copy and paste over.

Works for me.

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I like and use codebox but afaik it's osx only. http://www.shpakovski.com/codebox/

Would really like to see this become cross platform.

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