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I want to take snapshot when pressed oral camera snap button. I used WndProc function for monitor all event but when l pressed snap button, No event doesn't work. İ sniff usb camera usb port. when I pressed snap button, received 4byte data. Request type "Bulk or interrupt transfer", raw data "02 01 00 01", driver name "Usb Hub". But i can't use Usb Hub with c# serialport class. I found libusbdotnet, and sample Test_Bulk. But it doesn't work for my usb device. It returns Win32Error:PipeTransferSubmit Ep 0x81 error.

How can I catch this event? Is there any other way?

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I found solution. You can use "AForge.NET" library for capture hardware button event. You can examine library source code or "Snapshot Maker"(sample).

For library :

For Sample Source: (use with svn)

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