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I have one authoring tool name lectora publisher and I am fetching some data from it to my c# application. I have settings in lectora that after pressing a button name "done", a new window will open and there I will show fetched value in a Label. i am fetching data by Request.Form[]. Now I have some issues. 1) In chrome, when I debug it, the values come correct and program runs nicely but it doesnt open a new window and thus no displaying of the label. (even if I chose the setting to open it in the same window, it doesnt work in chrome. 2) In IE9 and mozilla, it opens a new window but blank one. No label shows. Also, while debugging i saw that at first round it doesnt fetch values and then it again goes to the starting of the code and at that time fetches the value.

P.S Lectora allows me to publish my title in html, so I publiced it and put it in my c# application folder. In which, I have given path of my c# page (localhost) where I wrote this label's code.

Code is here.

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)

    //get the parameters posted from the test

    string testname = Request.Form["TestName"];

    Label1.Text = testname;
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