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How can we set "Return-Path" in a mail when we use "Mail::Sendmail" module to send mail?

I want to send an email with a from address as email_id@gmail.com to sender_to@gmail.com from my own server. For example it should be www.example.com

I want to add the Return-path for that email as example@example.com. I had try many was but failed to set it properly.

The code is as follows :

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use CGI;
use Mail::Sendmail;

%mail = (
    To => $email,
    From=>  $user_email,
    subject=> $subject,
    'X-Mailer'=> "example.com Campaign Sharing Software",
$default_email                  = qq{example@example.com};
$mail{'Reply-To'}               = $user_email;
$mail{'content-type'}           = "text/html"; 
$mail{Smtp}                     = $GLOB{settings}{SMTPSERVER_BULK};
$mail{'Message : '}             = $mail_content;
if(sendmail  %mail)
       print qq{mail sent successfully};

I had set $mail{'Return-Path'} = $default_email;. But the Return-Path I found in the gmail when click on Show Original is Return-Path : from_email_id.

Actually I want it as Return-Path : $default_email.

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Mail::Sendmail - setting envelope sender

From the documentation for Mail::Sendmail:

If you wish to use an envelope sender address different than the From: address, set $mail{Sender} in your %mail hash

Most mail servers (MTAs) copy envelope sender to Return-Path: header.

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Thank you for pointing me to the right answer... –  Manu Mathew Oct 14 '13 at 5:32
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