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I'm trying to reproduce this plot:

enter image description here

It looks like a xyplot in library lattice, but I couldn't find a way to combine a mosaic plot with a xyplot.

Does anyone know how to do it?

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Here is a simulation of potential data:

    Smoker <- sample(c("yes", "no"), 100, T)
    Days <- sample(c("thu", "fri", "sat", "sun"), 100, T)
    Time <- sample(c("day", "night"), 100, T)
    Sex <- sample(c("m", "f"), 100, T)
    Value <- sample(1:10, 100, T)

    DF <- data.frame(Value, Smoker, Days, Time, Sex)

The plot is produced using package vcd:


    cotabplot(~ Smoker + Days + Time | Sex, data = DF, panel = cotab_mosaic, direction = "v")

EDIT: uploaded the plot:


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You are just looking for the panel function that is built into vcd:::cotabplot

data("alzheimer", package = "coin")
alz <- xtabs(~smoking + disease + gender, data = alzheimer)
cotabplot(~ smoking + disease | gender, data = alz, panel = cotab_coindep, n = 5000)


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It may also interest you to look into the different arguments "panel" takes. Here is the help file: rss.acs.unt.edu/Rdoc/library/vcd/html/cotab_panel.html –  Twitch_City Oct 12 '13 at 14:12

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