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I am working on on a custom product collection i require tool bar, sorting and pagination in it. Have created a custom module for it. I am getting the collection properly and the toolbar, pagination etc are visible. But when i try to sort (or paginate, change mode to listview) it redirects me to the home page.

My block file code is

class Neo_Attributefilter_Block_Filter extends Mage_Catalog_Block_Product_List
    protected function _getProductCollection()
    if (is_null($this->_productCollection)) {
        $genderFilter=$this->getData('gender_type');//value is passed from xml

        $collection = Mage::getModel('catalog/product')->getCollection();
            //->addAttributeToFilter('category_id', array('in' => $catId))
            ->addAttributeToFilter('gender', array('in' => $genderFilter));

        $this->_productCollection = $collection;

    return $this->_productCollection;



its xml code is

    <!-- Mage_Catalog -->
    <reference name="root">
        <action method="setTemplate"><template>page/1column.phtml</template></action>
    <reference name="content">
         <block type="attributefilter/filter" name="product_list" template="attributefilter/list.phtml">
            <action method="setData">
            <block type="catalog/product_list_toolbar" name="product_list_toolbar" template="catalog/product/list/toolbar.phtml">
                <block type="page/html_pager" name="product_list_toolbar_pager"/>                 

and in attributefilter/list.phtml i am accessing the collection as


The problem i have noticed is url on "View as: List" (also tool bar and pagination) is not proper i.e. it is like say site.com/?mode=list but when i manually add site.com/attributefilter/index/men/catid/211926?mode=list i get grid view.. There were few other methods but i couldnt get them running. Any suggestion is appreciated.

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I have managed to solve this issue... I have used a layered navigation module. it was overriding Toolbar.php's getPagerUrl() function. In that there is skip() all i had to do was add my module name in the array :) –  Leo Oct 14 '13 at 13:39

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