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I'm not sure if I've misunderstood something here, but it seems like it's only possible to set port mappings by creating a new container from an image. Is there a way to assign a portmapping to an existing docker container?

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Not sure if you can apply port mapping a running container. You can apply port forwarding while running a container which is different than creating a new container.

$> docker run -p : -d

will start running container. This tutorial explains port redirection.

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Ye, so it seems it's only possible to set options like port mapping at container creation. –  Thasmo Oct 13 '13 at 13:54

If by "existing" you mean "running", then it's not (currently) possible to add a port mapping.

You can, however, dynamically add a new network interface with e.g. Pipework, if you need to expose a service in a running container without stopping/restarting it.

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