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When I have an object:

var YayanObject = function(var1, var2, var208) {
    this.var1 = var1;
    this.functiony = function() {
        More Functiony stuff :)
    Do stuff :D

And I want to call it with 2 variables:

var1 = "YayanObject";
var2 = [1,"2","Hello world"];

And I want to call the object:


How can I fill in the question marks?

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function is a reserved word in JS - you can't do this.function =... – alfasin Oct 12 '13 at 17:10
I know.. but thats not the problem... – Yoeori Oct 12 '13 at 17:12
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You could use apply:

fun.apply(thisArg[, argsArray]):
  • thisArg: The value of this provided for the call to fun. Note that this may not be the actual value seen by the method: if the method is a function in non-strict mode code, null and undefined will be replaced with the global object, and primitive values will be boxed.
  • argsArray: An array-like object, specifying the arguments with which fun should be called, or null or undefined if no arguments should be provided to the function.

Be aware that, if you don't use strict mode, declaring variables without var makes them global variables, so you can use it as a property of window:

var1 = "YayanObject";
var2 = [1,"2","Hello world"];
window[var1].apply(null, var2); /* Instead of `null` you can use the object
                                   you want to become `this` */

But I recommend you to to store in var1 a reference to your constructor instead of an string:

var var1 = YayanObject,
    var2 = [1,"2","Hello world"];
var1.apply(null, var2);
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If I understood correctly, var2 contains the arguments for the function, yes?

In that case, like this:

window[var1].apply(this, var2);
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Thanks, should have known... – Yoeori Oct 12 '13 at 17:13

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