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I'm trying to set up an nfq listener based on This bit of code:

main (int argc, char **argv)
  struct nfq_handle *h;
  struct nfq_q_handle *qh;
  struct nfnl_handle *nh;
  int fd;
  int rv;
  char buf[4096] __attribute__ ((aligned));

  printf ("opening library handle\n");
  h = nfq_open ();
  if (!h)
      fprintf (stderr, "error during nfq_open()\n");
      exit (1);

I have the following iptables rule set: NFQUEUE udp -- udp dpt:10000 NFQUEUE num 5061

But running the program always gives: Error during nfq_open()

Is there something incorrect with my IPtables rule? I used the following command:

/sbin/iptables -A FORWARD --protocol udp --dport 10000 -j NFQUEUE --queue-num 5061 -d


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Please add "-t" switch with the table name "nat|filter|mangle" in which you want to add rule.

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