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I moved to HMVC in Codigniter using HMVC & Phils Template Library.

We need the project to be multy themed, so basically we need different view files for each theme.

currently i have the following structure

- Application
--- Controllers 
--- Models
--- Views
--- Themes
--------- FLATUI
---------------- Views
--------------------- Partials
---------------- Assets
--------------------- css
--------------------- js
--------- CLASSIC
--- Modules
--------- SalesOrder
--------- PurchaseOrder
- System

now my sales order controller located at root/application/modules/SalesOrder/salesOrder.php

class salesOrder extend MX_controller{

  #Show SalesOrder List

  function index(){

     $sales_order_list = SalesOrder::getAll();

          ->set_theme( Themes::get_current_name() ) //setting current theme ex: FLATUI
          ->set_partial( 'header' , 'flat/views/partials/header.php'  ) //header file 
          ->build( 'sales_order_list', $sales_order_list  ); //build 



My Problems with this set up

  1. I have dynamic css variables so i put a view to render css files inside theme/flatui/views/css/dynamics.php or is there any other way ?

  2. Static css/js are located inside the application folder, so inorder to get the main.css i need to call the url http://site.com/application/themes/flatui/assets/css/main.css is this reccomendable ?

  3. Now where do i call methods like Module::Run or load etc ? becuase i have a template library so i can use template partials inorder to achieve this, ex in the above on i used set_partial method to get the header section from the flatui design.

  4. I need to have a themable,maintainable project. So what is the best method to organise all these ?

Please help me.

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