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I have a template called hotel and some coffeescript that goes like this:

# coffeescript

  # Delete individual hotel
  'click .delete-hotel': (e, t) ->
    target = $(e.target).attr('id')
    console.log "deleting #{target}"

Template.hotel.formatted_chargers = ->
  tb.info 'chargers', NumberOfChargers
  tb.info 'type', ChargerType
  return pluralize(NumberOfChargers, ChargerType) if NumberOfChargers
  return '--'

Template.hotel.foo = ->

I'm trying to consume this in a Jade template:

    button.close.delete-hotel(type="button", id="{{_id}}") ×

    {{#if station_type_editing}}
      input.col-md-2.pull-right#edit_station_type(type="text", value="")

This always displays as blank for formatted_chargers and for foo. I'm not sure why.

Any help appreciated.

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