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I've got Isotope on the page and it works independently. I've got InifiniteScroll on the page and it works independently. When InfiniteScroll loads new items, I append them to my container but instead of being placed properly in the layout, they all appear in a single column down the left-hand side of the container. Here's my JS:

$(function() {

  var container = $('#wall .page');

    itemSelector: '.brick'

    navSelector: "nav.pagination",
    nextSelector: "nav.pagination a[rel=next]",
    itemSelector: ".brick",
    loading: {
      finishedMsg: 'No more items to load.',
      img: ''
  }, function (newElements) {
    container.isotope('appended', $(newElements));


I have a hard time believing it's a CSS or html problem since Isotope handles the initial items on the first page without a problem. I'm willing to provide more information if you can let me know what you need to see.

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For anyone else experiencing this same issue, I ended up finding the answer on my own. In my case, the problem was in the selector for my container.

var container = $('#wall .page');

The problem is that more than one item with the class .page existed inside of the #wall element. Because of this, Isotope was apparently getting confused about exactly where to put things. Always make doubly sure that your jQuery selectors are correct. For me, this fixed it:

var container = $('#wall > .page');
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