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i'm trying to setup motiondetection using the AForge.NET framework. I'm using the information provided on this page.

I've setup a DirectShow videostream which feeds a part of my desktop through a stream. I can choose this stream in the sample videoplayer project which is provided with AForge. (And I see my desktop through the player).

However, when I run the code below I receive a NullReferenceException. What am I missing?

    // New frame received by the player
    private void videoSourcePlayer_NewFrame( object sender, ref Bitmap image )
        if (this.detector.ProcessFrame(image) > 0.02)
            Console.WriteLine("No motion");

The detector is initialized as private class variable when a videostream is chosen.

    private MotionDetector detector;
    private BlobCountingObjectsProcessing motionProcessor;

    // Open video source
    private void OpenVideoSource( IVideoSource source )
        BlobCountingObjectsProcessing motionProcessor = new BlobCountingObjectsProcessing();

        MotionDetector detector = new MotionDetector(
            new SimpleBackgroundModelingDetector(),
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Have a look at the BlobCountingObjectsProcessing motionProcessor, it seems you've declared the variable twice, once not initialized and once initialized.

One outside method scope and one inside method scope.

I think that's where your NullReferenceException is coming from.

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correct :). I'm used to VB, stupid error haha – Ropstah Dec 21 '09 at 18:18

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