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Is there an easy way to get the max value from one field of an object in an arraylist of objects?

For example, out of the following object, I was hoping to get the highest value for the Value field.

Example arraylist I want to get the max value for ValuePairs.mValue from.

ArrayList<ValuePairs> ourValues = new ArrayList<>();
outValues.add(new ValuePairs("descr1", 20.00));
outValues.add(new ValuePairs("descr2", 40.00));
outValues.add(new ValuePairs("descr3", 50.00));

Class to create objects stored in arraylist:

public class ValuePairs {

    public String mDescr;
    public double mValue;

    public ValuePairs(String strDescr, double dValue) {

        this.mDescr = strDescr;
        this.mValue = dValue;



I'm trying to get the max value for mValue by doing something like (which I know is incorrect):

double dMax = Collections.max(ourValues.dValue);

dMax should be 50.00.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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Use a Comparator with Collections.max() to let it know which is greater in comparison.

Also See

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You should iterate over the list comparing/finding the max value O(N). If you need to do this often replace the list with a PriorityQueue O(1) to find the max.

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