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Is it possible to assign a shortcut to go automatically on New Java Class Dialog? At the very beginning of a project when I am creating a lot of classes, it's quite annoying have to go through the 'New..' wizard.

Here's the image of the dialog I want to reach.

enter image description here

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This question is more related to eclipse IDE handling that's not directly related with a programming problem with Java language. –  Luiggi Mendoza Oct 12 '13 at 22:16
@LuiggiMendoza: ok, thanks for the retagging. –  giampaolo Oct 12 '13 at 22:22

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Select Window -> Preferences -> General -> Keys and search for New (Class). Click on Binding, press the keyboard shortcut you want, and click OK to configure the shortcut.

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Press alt+shift+n it will give you a context menu from where you can select new class,package,interface

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Ctrl+n will launch new wizard, there you can select the class/any to create new document.

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There's an icon (C icon) in the header toolbar for creating class! Its available by default Just click it!

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You could use Ctrl+3 to open the "Quick Access" Wizard and type in "java class"

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