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Ive got the following code.

$params = array('defType' => 'dismax', 'qf' => 'threads.title posts.body', 'hl' => 'true');

$results = $solr->search($query, $offset, $limit, $params);

So the keywords will be highlighted. What i dont know how to do is pulling the data out from $results. How do I get a documents field values and then show the body and hightlight it like google/SO search? Im using solr client php but i find it difficult to understand how to use it. There is so few example codes.

could someone guide me a little...

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How about something more specific? Looks like you are asking someone to write the entire PHP app for you!

I am going to be digging into the PHP/Solr stuff in January, if this isn't updated by then I'll post back.

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