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I'm working with Meteor at the moment, and I'm trying to make it look more 'real timey' by adding transitions to numbers as they change. The best third party package I can see for that is http://github.hubspot.com/odometer/.

I'm having trouble getting the package to work in Meteor to update comment numbers on an item.

I've tried putting the javascript into client/compatibility as per the meteor docs: http://docs.meteor.com/#structuringyourapp, but no joy.

The other issue might be that the package uses CSS transitions, which would mean that a re-rendering of the template around the number that is updating would prevent the transition from occurring. To try and fix this problem, I used {{#isolate}} around the number, but that didn't work either.

Has anyone got any other ideas on what else in meteor might be getting in the way?

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I think you should try {{#constant}} instead of {{#isolate}}. Also note, that the "constant" part of your template will no longer be reactive, so you'll have to update it manually. Supposing that you have a template

<template name="myTemplate">
    <span class="odometer"></span>

you will need to do something like this:

Template.myTemplate.rendered = function () {
    var node = this.find('.odometer');
    Deps.autorun(function () {
        node.innerHtml = MyCollection.find({}).count();
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