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Where can I create a CDN endpoint in the Windows Azure portal?

Details / Background

I found this great video from Scott Hanselman on getting set up with an Azure CDN (thanks, Scott!)

The video walks through creating a CDN endpoint for the storage. Unfortunately, at the time, CDNs were managed in the old portal (now defunct).

I assumed that Azure would have moved this functionality to the new portal, so I found this Microsoft article on how to create a CDN endpoint. It reads:

To create a new CDN endpoint for your storage account:

In the Windows Azure Management Portal, in the navigation pane, click CDN.

On the ribbon, click New. In the New dialog, select App Services, then CDN, then Quick Create.

So I'm searching for CDN in the left-hand pane but don't see it anywhere. Am I crazy?

A screenshot of the nav pane I see is below:

enter image description here

For good measure, I went to the New --> App Services and attempted to find CDN, but it doesn't appear to be there either:

enter image description here

What gives? Is there any availability for this in the new portal?

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Ooops, I see I missed a related SO question: How to create CDN in Windows Azure

Looks like the functionality is not available for all users, though it is documented as if it is. Bummer.

I'll move to close this question as related.

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