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I would like to build a reactive input for R shiny that returns the row.name of a table row on hover.

In R Shiny, the table is made with renderTable and output through tableOutput.

This should work similar to the already built clickID and hoverID for plotOutput (for click & hover respectively).

I don't quite understand the JavaScript or jQuery well enough yet to follow these instructions and build it myself:


Thank you!


This is the jQuery I have so far:

$(document).on('hover', '.table-hover tr', function(){
        var el = $(this);

var selectRowBinding = new Shiny.InputBinding();
$.extend(selectRowBinding, {
        find: function(scope) {
        return $(scope).find(".table-hover");
        getValue: function(el){
        return $(el).closest("tr").index();
        setValue: function(el, value) {
        subscribe: function(el, callback) {
        $(el).on("change.selectRowBinding", function(e) {
        unsubscribe: function(el) {

but input$selectRowBinding is still returning NULL. I'm quite sure I have not properly defined the bindings.

I've been working off of these 2 resources:



Shiny R application that allows users to modify data

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This question is still open if anyone would like to take a shot at it! –  JayCo Mar 2 at 3:17

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