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i think i have a very silly problem but even i am asking you, because it is making me so irritating and i am new to ruby on rails and also new to linux ubuntu . while installing the ruby 1.9.3(rvm install 1.9.3) i am getting this error that i pasted below .i didn't get any clue from this error . i googled a lot , but can't resolve this so please help me and please elaborate me what this error exactly is? i even had been to that path but nothing there in (usr/share/ruby-rvm/log/ruby-1.9.3-p448)

~$ rvm install 1.9.3 

Installing Ruby from source to: /usr/share/ruby-rvm/rubies/ruby-1.9.3-p448, this may take a while depending on your cpu(s)...

ruby-1.9.3-p448 - #fetching 
ruby-1.9.3-p448 - #downloading ruby-1.9.3-p448, this may take a while depending on your connection...
curl: (3) <url> malformed
ERROR: There was an error, please check /usr/share/ruby-rvm/log/ruby-1.9.3-p448/*.log. Next we'll try to fetch via http.
Trying http:// URL instead.
curl: (3) <url> malformed
ERROR: There was an error, please check /usr/share/ruby-rvm/log/ruby-1.9.3-p448/*.log
ERROR: There has been an error while trying to fetch the source.  
Halting the installation.
ERROR: There has been an error fetching the ruby interpreter. Halting the installation.
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Please check this previous answer: – depa Oct 13 '13 at 5:27
possible duplicate of Installed Ruby 1.9.3 with RVM but command line doesn't show ruby -v – mpapis Oct 13 '13 at 8:11
Did you check the logs as the error message suggests? – lurker Oct 13 '13 at 11:06
this is a duplicate because /usr/share/ruby-rvm is the ubuntu package which is no more maintained and does not contain update for the new ruby servers. – mpapis Oct 13 '13 at 14:38
did you find any answer I am suffering from same error – Asnad Atta Aug 1 '15 at 8:03

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