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If A is a cell array which consists 100 50x50 matrix, and i want to count a specific element N from each column of each matrix in that cell array then how can I do it in matlab?

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For the general case, @Shai's answer is the way to go. However, since in this case all the matrices have the same size, you could save time by storing them in a 3D array instead of a cell array. That is, define array A of size 50x50x100, such that A(:,:,1) is the first matrix, A(:,:,2) is the second and so on. Then

count = squeeze(sum(A==N)).';

where count(3,5) is interpreted as in @Shai's answer.

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Use cellfun

>> count = cellfun( @(x) sum( x == N, 1 ), A, 'UniformOutput', 0 );

count is a cell array with 100 1-by-50 vectors: count{3}(5) is the number of elements equal to N in the 5th column of the thirs matrix in A

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