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I'm trying to use the the Include other pages syntax in Gollum but it doesn't work as I expect to be. It doesn't include the content of the another page but it just put a link of it.

For example, in the home page (http://localhost:4567/Home) I'm using a syntax like:


I expect it includes the content of the page http://localhost:4567/testpage (testpage.md) in the home, but it just display a link to http://localhost:4567/include%3Atestpage

Can you give me an example of the right syntax?

I'm using Gollum version:

gollum (2.5.0)
gollum-lib (1.0.6)

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I tried the "include other pages" in gollum 2.5.1 and everything works as expected, so I guess it was a bug of version 2.5.0

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Were you able to get nested links to work? I can't seem to get [[include:/path/to/page]] to work, but [[include:page]] works. –  DrewVS Nov 12 '13 at 20:38
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