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How can I trigger a slideUp(); with a delayed start, but which doesn't force the rest of the code to wait until it has finished before progressing.

eg: A button is pressed and 1 second later a box disappears, but jquery is still working during that one second.

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See this previous SO question on exactly the same topic.

setTimeout(function() { /* code to run */ }, delay_time_in_milliseconds);
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Sorry. Well found. –  Patrick Beardmore Dec 20 '09 at 0:10
No need to apologize. :) –  Amber Dec 20 '09 at 0:11

You can use Javascript's setTimeout() function for this.


setTimeout(function() { $('#someid').slideUp(); }, 1000); // 1000ms = 1sec.
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You can use jQuery's .delay() method to queue animations.


If you want to delay something else, then use JavaScript's built-in setTimeout() function.

setTimeout(function() {
    // code to be executed
}, 1000);

Note that you need to specify the delay in milliseconds in both cases. 1000 ms = 1 s.

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