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I am new to cakephp and I managed to work my way out doing some great stuff with this powerful framewoek. Seeking some organization in my code, I am looking for a way to create some kind of side library to call it whenever it.

I am working on the mailing layer of my application using the built in mailing utility, so I want to know how to create a library where i can store my functions.

Thank you.

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Whats the problem with using /Lib folder and your own lib classes like we all do? See here for example. You learn a lot from looking at other peoples code and plugins and how they du things. In your case you could very well create a plugin that contains everything -so it can easily be shared across apps. – mark Oct 13 '13 at 13:53
Seems like you're talking about making a plug-in. – Dave Oct 13 '13 at 14:06
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you can create your own library file in


class Library_Class_name {
   public function function_name() {


after this you should need to use load this Library file to your application use below code

App::uses('Library_Class_name', 'Lib');

One this, If you want to load this file for entire application you need to use above App::uses code to your Config/bootstrap.php file otherwise you can use this to needed files or functions.

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