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I want to start developing apps in Qt for Nokia Belle/Meego/BB10 Platforms.

I have downloaded the Nokia Qt SDK 1.2.1 (including Qt 4.7.4, Qt Mobility, Qt Quick and other components).

I'm trying to install Nokia Qt SDK on a Mac, but it asks for Xcode. I have Xcode, but don't want to install it because it occupies a lot of space. Do I need it if I have Qt Creator? What does it need it for???? I thought Qt Creator can compile things itself. Can I uninstall Xcode after I install the SDK?


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The Qt Creator is just an IDE. It needs the entire C/C++ development environment. Xcode provides such an environment.

The Qt SDK 1.2.1 is very old. Unless you need it to support an old Nokia platform, you shouldn't be using it. Go to qt-project.org and get yourself a recent version of Qt (5.1.1 at the moment). It comes with Qt Creator. You still need Xcode for the compilers for the desktop platforms.

The SDK should come with compilers and simulators for the target devices, but I don't know offhand if it will need some non-compiler tools from Xcode.

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Thank you! I think I need to start cleaning that old computer then... Yes, I know that SDK is outdated, but it's required by Nokia because they put some specific components I'm going to need... I guess I'll also need Qt5 for BB10 development... –  1theo0 Oct 17 '13 at 21:50
The simplest solution to the "cleanup" is to get a bigger hard drive, do a binary copy of the old to the new (use a linux rescuecd boot disk), then boot on the new disk and enlarge the partition. –  Kuba Ober Oct 17 '13 at 22:05
I think I'll backup the old user files and reinstall OS X, then I surely will have around 80 GB free (I have only 20 left now), but thank you for the suggestion. That should be enough space, I hope... –  1theo0 Oct 17 '13 at 23:22
An OS X install disk with its Disk Utility can also be used to do a disk-to-disk transfer, with nicer tools. I'm just so used to using dd from rescuecd I keep forgetting the install disk :) –  Kuba Ober Oct 18 '13 at 1:20
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